Targeting strategic projects in Africa and Europe:

You may have identified an interesting opportunity but you don’t have the business development and commercial workforce to address this without compromising other initiatives. Consider outsourcing the project, partially or completely. Let us know how we can help you secure the work. 

Creating Business Support hubs in African markets:

Doing business in Africa is both rewarding and exciting and finding the right partners can be a challenge. We can assist by performing thorough investigation of potential partners and upon selection, liaise and build that ongoing relationship. This includes the business aspects of creating Joint Ventures.

Country entry management and support:

When entering a new (African) country, it is of utmost importance that your venture is fully compliant and that you understand the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders – be it private or public sector as well as making your venture known to these stakeholders. This requires a desktop study as well as on the ground networking. Gushikama Business Consult can manage and execute this.

Developing regional business strategy and ventures in Africa:

If you are looking at growth outside your region and considering Africa as anew market, then prior to hiring a local team we can assist you in building the growth plan. We will run market research, identify priority countries and sketch the competitive landscape. 

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Delivering major and strategic tenders:

It is all about setting priorities and allocating resources accordingly. In practice however, you may see more than one tender opportunity ,after all the business development and relation building efforts developed over months or maybe even years; at the same time. We can provide hands on deck, and manage tenders and co-create a deliverable that will impress your client. If you need the support, let us know.

Reviewing commercial documents and processes:

Do you have sufficient time to review the documents that your organization is issuing in response to a tender or perhaps requests for clarification? Ever heard of last minute, deep-into-the-night reviews for timely submission, either for approval or submission to the client? We will be happy to come to your rescue.

Coaching senior commercial experts and commercial teams:

Your commercial team is responsible for setting the first and second impressions of your company. The team should be , proficient, energetic and efficient. Yet another commercial training may not always the best solution, but coaching the team (or an individual) will make a difference. It will be your choice to do this onetime or on a regular basis. 

Building client relations – special tasks:

Almost every organization has a list of projects that are considered important but due to lack of inspiration or time, these issues are not addressed. Make one of those your focus project and get assistance from Gushikama Business Consult. We’ll help you reach the first gateway of reviews swiftly. You will find out that it is motivating and energizing.